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Burlesque Movie Preview

Pop Sensation Christina Aguilera, known for her amazing singing abilities stars in her first lead role Burlesque. A musical film directed by actor Steve Antin much known for his role as the "Preppy Jock" in the 1985 classic The Goonies. Not only is Aguilera the last of the Mickey Mouse Club to be casted in a movie, but she is also following in the footsteps of her peers. After completing the almost 3 minute trailer, I came to conclude my plot theory for this film. I would consider this movie to be linked as Chicago meets Glitter. Typical story of small town girl moving to the big bad city in hopes of becoming a star. The way I see my theory to go, Ali Rose (Aquilera) moves to LA to find she has fallen in love with a burlesque lounge managed by Tess (Cher). After being denied as a dancer Tess's assistant Sean (Stanly Tucci) gives Ali a job as a waitress. With much frustration of how the lounge is slowly loosing their "it" factor Ali attempts to audition to save the lounge and to use this as an opportunity to be in the spotlight. As Ali almost bombs her one shot to be on stage, she quickly prevails after wowing the crowd with her outstanding voice. Instantly she becomes the girl everyone wants. Jack (Cam Gigandent) who helped Ali feel at home when waitressing finds a liking to her in spite of what everyone else is after. Nikki (Kristen Bell) the loung's lead girl uses her jealousy to become friends with Ali only to later back stab her. Marcus Gerber (Eric Dane) a producer of some sort finds interest in Ali and proposes an appealing way to make her a star. Tess the voice of reason reaches out to Ali warning her of certain roads to take, however Ali still finds herself to take the wrong road. Now she must battle with the price fame and a love triangle that could send her back to the small town she came from.

Regardless of this simple yet common plot, it is clear this film will have its high points with an unforgettable musical number,comedic banter, that will be later topped with a hot love scene. The film is also graced with the return of Cher who has taken a break from selling hits and winning countless awards to now performing over 200 shows in Las Vegas. The good news is this movie doesn't have to compete with the premiere of the extremely  popular Twilgiht Saga which has been a struggle for many films come the day of their release. The bad news is, this film still has a lot to prove in order to avoid bad reviews.Yes this film is full of an A list celebrity cast, but many big star casted films have bombed on more than one occasion. Three words: All About Steve.  Also, not only is this a motion picture first for Christina Aguilera, but also for director Steve Antin, for this is the first film he has directed. Hopefully Burlesque is more of a success than a disaster.

Burlesque is scheduled to hit theatres November 24th 2010!


  1. I agree, Steve Antin has to come strong with this movie ! Hopefully this will carry him further, to other good movies in the future...Then again there's always One Eye Willie's treasure ha ha


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