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My Top 20 Dating Secrets

I decided to create the best dating rules I've read from magazines,books,and personal experience. With so much information out there of what to do and what not to do you can easily find yourself with enough resources to write a ten page thesis.

Dating Rules

1. When saying goodnight after 1st date smile and thank him for a wonderful time

2. If you forget to say thank you just wait until he contacts you again
3. Keep the conversations short and sweet. Don’t text more than 2 sentences.

4. Have simple feedback to his questions that aren’t too short and have follow up questions

 5. If the first date went longer than planned DON’T make it a habit for others try to change it up sometimes

6. Don’t make it so easy to reach you, keep your usual routine and wait a bit to reply.

7. Don’t always hover on the phone speak the highlights of your day and avoid talking  longer than 15 minutes each conversation

8.If he texts or calls after a brief gap of no communications. Text: Sound happy to hear from him but don't kiss his butt about either. Try ccutting him off saying you're busy at the moment and for him to call you later.
Technology has made us kind of lazy so it would be a good sign if plans could be made via telephone rather than text

9. NEVER accept a text or call after 9pm to "hang out".... if you're just "dating" as well as last minute plans

10. When he asks …what exactly are you looking for? reply with something like “I’m not looking for a serious relationship right now, but I am open to whatever happens later on.”

11. When he asks...”What happened in your last relationship?” Say “It just didn’t work out between us I enjoyed the time we had, but we had to go our separate ways.”

12. Give him time to chase you (remember he is a man, so let him be one) if you don’t hear from him, it’s not the end of the world don't text asking if he's mad or busy some guys actually are busy or they too don’t want to seem desperate while others are actually testing you.

 Keep your cool & Keep Busy. 
Wait 2-5 days if still no contact send a short text to call you if still no reply DON'T contact him anymore. 

13. On the second date offer to pay don’t demand you will right away. Just make the gesture. Most likely he knows you're being polite but he still appreciates it in the long run.
14. Keep it bright! Where bright fun colors to show your happy personality. Never wear something you’re not comfortable in. Also, Less is more don’t distract your appearance with too many accessories and layers

15. Get in the habit of knowing what’s going on in the world read to switch up the conversation read some articles on your browsers homepage that doesn’t relate to dating and celebrities. Don't vent or ramble on about exes if an old flame does come up into conversation be general to avoid looking like you're still hung up on this person.

16. Don’t be too eager to share his interest

17. Keep Busy!! Keep going on dates and spending time with friends to get your mind off Mr. Perfect.

18. Limit your social media time. I'm not saying go as drastic as erasing your facebook account, but keep it light

19.Don’t talk about sex too early small jokes are okay, but don't go overboard with innuendo and flirting it may suggest the wrong idea of your intentions.

 20. Pretend he’s the guy you could care less if you never hear from again...(to an extent) that way you'll spend less time over thinking over analyzing and allowing yourself to just have fun.

A lot to take in I know, but it is a lot to consider as well. No one wants to "play games" or jump through hoops to get the perfect guy, but in the world we live in we kinda have to set the bar a little high to get the things we want in life. It's not so much changing yourself, but more like toning yourself down a little. You can still be the sweet fun loving girl just in moderation you gotta make him work for the amazing woman you are.Will this work on everyone no, but it will guide you to talk in their language.And remember....


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