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About The Author (Keli Hall)

I wanted to write this article so you knew the person behind As Told By a Jersey Girl. One of the main reasons why I created this blog was to have a real person share their thoughts and feelings. Not saying that the talented writers of sources such as Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire for lack of a better term totally suck. I just always felt that the readers don't get a sense of who they are taking advice from. Who is this person, and why should I or anyone listen to them?I want my readers to have an everyday person who has gone through the same problems they have gone through. I don't want my readers to feel like I’m this perfect person and make you feel guilty for making these mistakes.Because the truth of the matter is I am NOT that person. I am not a licensed psychiatrist, nor am I a professional, diagnosing my readers. Every article on my blog is a real (yet common) issue that I have gone through or issues ones close to me have gone through . I wanted to share what I have learned, so maybe someone else can see how I (a real person just like you) moved on from it.

Although I am in my early 20's, that doesn't mean someone older should not read my blog. Sometimes all one needs is another person to make you look at a situation differently to find your own solution. I want to illustrate that "This is the problem I faced, this is what I learned, and this is what worked for me." That doesn't mean what worked for me will always work for my readers, but it may open doors to their to finding the best solution for them. I hope one day to expand my audience, but for now I'll keep reaching out one blog at a time.

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