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He's Not Out Of Your League

We've all been there, after months of pining over "Mr. Perfect", someway or another you either took the shot and asked him out, told him how you felt, or he came to you, and in the end, you got a date with the guy who you thought didn't even know you existed. So why aren't you jumping up and down right now?

Chemistery: Yes, for there to be any sort of well anything there has to be chemistry. That means you feel comfortable with that person and attracted to that person, which in this case isn't the issue.

STOP!: Society has put rose colored glasses on almost every female to make them believe that all guys want a perfectly polished barbie doll. Before you pull out your emergency credit card for the ultimate makoever realize this important piece of information: HE CHOSE YOU! HE SAID YES WHEN HE COULD OF SAID NO.  No guy (sober) is going to make a move on a girl who may not be the potential person to start a relationship with unless they're just looking for a fling. If he does act in that nature (see blog: 5 Signs He's a Player) then your best bet is to cut off all communication completely.

Enjoy: Accept that this guy finds you interesting and get out of your head that you're not good enough. Have fun, and just go with it .See where it goes and remember to always be yourself and not what you think is his idea of perfect.



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