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Does He Like You?

If there is a poll of most frequent questions googled I wouldn't be surprised if the question "Does he like me?" fall into the top 10. For some reason the older we get it still seems like we run into new ways guys express how they feel about a girl causing us to run to every source possible to find the answer. While some give basic answers such as "he appears nervous" others give the most bizarre hints like "his eyes are dialated". I don't know about you, but there would be no way I'd remember half of the things to look out for when talking to a guy I really like. If anything they would probably think I was crazy because I'm looking into their eyes like a rookie cop or focusing on every body angle instead of listening to what they are talking about. So, with all of that saying, "How do you know when he likes you?" Well the answer is really simple.
  1. He wants to know more about you: If he's always asking what you're up to or seems interested in things about you he likes you
  2. He remembers things about you: Even though he asked how your weekend was doesn't mean he cares how it went, but if he later brings up that band you like because he heard them on the radio he likes you because he cared to remember
  3. He wants to be around you: No matter what he'll make his way to you to say hi or will find excuses to see you in person
  4. He calls: Texting has become so primary that hardly anyone initiates contact via telephone, but if he likes you he'll want to hear the sound of your voice, and have a real conversation than waiting for you to text back
  5. He doesn't want another guy to get you: No he's not going to act like some creep stalker out of a lifetime movie drama (though if he does, call 9-11), but he's not going to play it safe either. If he noticed how great you are, why wouldn't another guy? He's not going to risk the chance of you losing interest just like you wouldn't want him to.
In the end, men are simple, if he hands you a piece of pie it's a piece of pie not a baked fruit salad or casserole. If he likes you he will make it happen not get your number and stop calling you or only make plans when it's convenient for him. Stop making excuses for every hidden rejection. While there are those rare exceptions that happened to you once in the past or to a friend you may know,normally there are NO exceptions. If he likes you, you will know it, because he'll make it obvious.



  1. Life was so simple, when all you had to do was get the guy/girl to check yes or no :)


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